About Us

We are a homeschooling, vegan, hockey enthusiast, music-loving family of five, living in the mid-Atlantic suburbs. But, it all began further north. Darren and I met in French class, in 1988 at Kennebecasis Valley High School, in New Brunswick, Canada. After five years of dating, some red tape with immigration, and some logistical obstacles, we got married in 1993.  Since then, we have lived in Connecticut, Italy, Kentucky and now Maryland.  Darren served in the military for six years and now works in the civilian sector of the government.  After our six years as a military couple, we started a family and have since had three children. We love learning along side our kids and are grateful for our experiences and always curious where our journey will lead us next!

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One thought on “About Us

  1. HI Tara,

    We are a family in Chambersburg, looking to find out more about local homeschool groups. We have a 2 1/2 year old and we’d like to know if there is an active South Central Pa group? Thanks for your help!

    Adam Rung

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